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Relief for Seasonal Allergies

13 April 2023
Allergic black man blowing on wipe in a park on spring season. Man with allergy or cold, blowing his nose with a tissue, looking miserable unwell very sick, isolated outside green trees background

By Susan Hickey

Spring is here!  Many of us are excited for sunshine and warmer weather, but some also expect some unwelcome changes. Many of us in the region are unfortunately affected by seasonal allergies and their effects.  Seasonal allergy symptoms occur when the immune system overreacts to something present in the environment, which may not bother other people.  The immune response sometimes appears as sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy, watery eyes and/or a runny nose.  Fortunately, there are some ways to help make this time of year more manageable, in addition to more obvious suggestions of taking allergy medications and closing windows.

  • Exercise inside – limit your exposure to outdoor pollens and dust.  Use your YMCA benefits to get your workout in and minimize allergy symptoms.  Exercise helps your immune system work better.  Even if you aren’t feeling up to cardio, a yoga class might be a good alternative and could help you focus on deep breathing.  Look for a class on the app or the website here

  • After working out, wash laundry quickly to help stop pollen from redepositing inside your house.  If you don’t have time to immediately wash your clothes, at least change out of them and bag up the dirty ones to contain the pollen.

  • When you do have to be outdoors for yard work or other activities, wear a mask to help block pollen and other particles.  Additionally, consider a hat and sunglasses to shield your face and eyes for more protection.

  • When looking for a good protein source, the best choice for allergies could be chicken.  Meat and dairy have certain substances in them that can aggravate allergies, and chicken does not.  Check out our website for some new chicken recipe ideas.  Make it even healthier by finding a recipe that contains turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Use steam to your advantage. Some Dayton YMCA locations have saunas and steam rooms – spending some time in there can help ease breathing.  Check out more about that here.  Additionally, if at home, take a hot bath or shower while drinking peppermint tea. Peppermint is an effective decongestant and can clear your sinuses quickly. Look for peppermint teas at the store, or apply essential oil of peppermint to the area under your nose.

Seasonal allergies don’t have to keep you from enjoying springtime.  Hopefully some of these tips will help you feel better!

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