Wills & Trusts Presentation (FREE) - Trotwood

Why is it important for you to have a will?
What happens if you don't have one?
What is involved in making a will?
What are some of the current tax issues?
Take steps to protect those you love with a new or updated estate plan. Through proper planning, the legacy of love and care that you leave for your family and friends can be encouraging and even inspiring.
During the presentations, our local estate planning attorneys will answer questions regarding estate taxes, probate expenses, trusts and guardianship of minor children, and selection of personal representatives. They will also outline steps on how to create or update your will or trust and other information to consider.
Stop by one of our presentations to get questions answered about wills or how to begin or update an estate plan!
Refreshments will be served
RSVP requested but NOT required.
*Wills & Trusts Week sessions are for informational purposes only and not intended to replace legal advice.