It's Time to Flex Your Fiscal Muscles!

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Do you have a "contingency notebook"?
How do you create a special needs trust?
Are you having complications with retirement planning?
What is involved in making a will?
All of these topics and more will be covered in our YMCA of Greater Dayton Fiscal Fitness - Webinar Series! Take steps to protect those you love with a new or updated estate plan. Through proper planning, the legacy of love and care that you leave for your family and friends can be encouraging and even inspiring.
During the presentations, our local estate planning attorneys will answer questions regarding special needs trusts,  creating a "contingency notebook", retirement planning, wills and trusts, and creative year end giving & selecting a personal representative. They will also outline steps on how to create or update your will or trust and other information to consider.
Call into one of our presentations to get questions answered about any of the topics seen above or below!
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*Fiscal Fitness Webinars are for informational purposes only and not intended to replace legal advice.

Webinar Schedule

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September – Contingency Notebook

Do you have a "contingency notebook"? Perhaps you do, but you call it by another name. Maybe it's your "emergency file" or your "crisis notebook." Or, it may be you've yet to get going on something like this. 

A contingency notebook contains all the information a loved one or personal representative needs to know should you become seriously incapacitated or even die. When tragedy strikes, it's no time to go through drawers, filing cabinets, and shoeboxes looking for pertinent information. Those who bear responsibility for your affairs need the relevant material immediately.

Your up-to-date contingency notebook can make all the difference.  To learn more about creating your contingency notebook and making your voice heard when you are not able to make your wishes known, please join us.

Session Dates: 

Tuesday 12th 10am:

Wednesday 13th 12pm:

Thursday 14th 7pm:


October – Wills & Trusts


Informational sessions are led by local estate planning attorneys throughout our Association. These sessions address how to protect and provide for loved ones, what is needed to update or create an estate plan, wills, trusts, estate taxes, probate, guardianship of young children, selection of personal representatives and more.

Session Dates:            

Tuesday 10th 10am:

Wednesday 11th 12pm:

Thursday 12th 7pm:



November – Retirement Planning

We often make caring for others a priority while neglecting our own needs. As we get older, it’s crucial to set a plan that will provide for ourselves and everyone who’s important to us.

Ideally we want to have enough money to last our entire lifetime and to provide for your family after we’re gone. This workshop will provide some thoughts to consider that will ensure income for life and that unexpected circumstances won’t deplete retirement savings. 

Session Dates:             

Tuesday 7th 10am:

Wednesday 8th 12pm:

Thursday 9th 7pm:

December – Creative Year End Giving & Selecting a Personal Representative

There are many issues that should be considered as an individual or family decides on the right gift. This presentation will also help guide through the process, in simple terms, and is designed to help a family make the right decision based on what a family would like happen, with what they have and where they are in their life. This presentation is designed to share what type of gift vehicles are in existence, a basic understanding of how they are structured, who is needed to complete the gift and how to know it qualifies as a “charitable gift”.  

AND Choosing the right guardian for dependent children, successor trustee, executor, power of attorney, or health care representative is a vital part of the estate planning process. And it's no simple task—you need someone you can trust to fulfill your final wishes and who will be willing and able to take on the task of following your wishes. 

Session Dates:

Tuesday 5th 10am:

Wednesday 6th 12pm:

Thursday 7th 7pm: