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Meet Your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Meet Amy Tackett, MS, RDN! Amy is a Certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer. She received her Masters of Science in Dietetics from Indiana State University and partnered with the YMCA’s of Greater Dayton to fulfill her love and passion for community health and promotion. Amy strives to enrich the lives of others health and well being through food and nutrition. She understands that there is not a one size fits all to health and wellness and promotes a balanced and mindful approach to healthy eating.

What an RDN Can Do For You:

  • Provide the highest form of nutrition education and counseling

  • Create individualized plans and personal recommendations

  • Provide Medical Nutrition Therapy to aid in the management and maintenance of chronic disease or other health related conditions

  • Provide advice for everyday nutrition including that on weight loss, specific diets, meal planning, grocery shopping and more

  • Provide accountability and support

  • Provide additional resources to better success

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YMCA Nutrition Services:

The YMCA of Greater Dayton now offers Nutrition Services to members and the public. If you are looking for advice on how to manage your weight, improve athletic performance, or establish healthy eating habits, seeing a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) might be just what you need to reach your health and wellness goals.

Meet one-on-one with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Amy Tackett, to receive personalized nutrition coaching for guidance on healthier eating habits.

Schedule your first session by contacting Amy Tackett at
Phone: 937.223.5201 Ext. 1029

Healthy Recipe Page

Looking for some healthy recipes? These dietitian-approved options will be sure to curb your cravings! 



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