Inspired by the combination of martial arts and boxing, this super energetic class will boost your power kicks, improve your speed and enhance your agility.

Powerful music turns up the volume and keeps you going. Instructors may include some equipment such as jump ropes or boxing bags to enhance your experience.

Cardio Kickboxing classes are FREE for Y members!

Cardio Kickboxing Classes include:

Cardio Kickboxing

For all Fitness levels. Functional fitness in its highest form. This class combines punches and kicks along with cardio intervals. An ideal format for achieving an intense, fat-burning workout.

Defend Together

Defend Together® is a gripping hour that burns a ton of calories and builds total body strength. Tap into the newest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness. This workout combines cutting-edge moves with thrilling music.

Defend Together would be ideal for:
• New exercises, because the workout is a blast and you have the ability to adjust the level of the workout to suit yourself.
• Anyone wanting to add variety to his or her training and improve timing, precision, and focus.
• Women that want great shoulder and arm definition while punching and kicking the stress out of their lives.
• Men that want to get a great cardiovascular workout while getting as far away from “aerobics” as possible.
• Defend Together is for anyone wanting a challenging, athletic, and motivating workout in a realistic time frame.

Branches that offer Cardio Kick
Coffman Family YMCAPremier Health YMCA
Downtown YMCASouth YMCA
Fairborn YMCAWest Carrollton YMCA
Kleptz YMCAXenia YMCA
Preble County YMCAYMCA at the Heights