Child and Babysitting Classes

Safe Sitter® is an up-to-date and well-rounded youth development program with a medical basis.

The pediatrician-developed program teaches young babysitters everything they need to know to keep themselves and the children in their care safe. The nationally-recognized program includes childcare techniques, basic first aid, rescue techniques (like choking, CPR and first aid) babysitting as a business, and online and cellphone safety. 

Parent's do you want to allow your teen to babysit or stay home alone?

Let Safe Sitter give you peace of mind. Enroll your teen in a Safe Sitter class TODAY!
They'll learn more than just babysitting basics. They’ll learn the life and safety skills any teen should have before babysitting or stay home alone and the sensible decision-making skills you, as a parent, need for them to have.

Safe Sitter® Essentials is a 5½-hour curriculum designed for busy schedules.  It includes Babysitting as a Business, Success on the Job, Child Care Essentials, Safety for the Sitter, Injury Management, Preventing Problem Behavior, Care of Choking Infant, and Care of Choking Child.  It introduces Preventing  Injuries and Behavior Management.

Safe Sitter® Essentials with CPR is a 6 ½-hour curriculum that includes Infant and Child CPR. It parallels Safe Sitter® Essentials but the business sections are condensed to allow time to teach CPR.

Safe Sitter® Expanded is an 11-hour expanded curriculum over a two day period designed for comprehensive coverage.  It has all the topics  covered in both Essentials and Essentials with CPR courses including Infant and Child CPR.  Plus it includes a Toddler/Preschool Guest, more practice time and expanded information on Preventing Injuries and Behavior Management.

Safe Sitter® builds confidence. 

It's medically accurate 
It's current and teaches today's teens about cell phone and internet safety
Most of all, it stays with teens for life!  

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