En Garde!

Learn a sport that spans centuries – fencing is the ultimate cross-training program that conditions the body and develops balanced coordination. Youth and Teens learn to dodge, parry and thrust in this exciting sport that keeps growing in popularity. Learn proper form, technique, and etiquette in this methodical yet fast-paced sport.

Youth and Teen Program:

Classes run on a 8-week schedule for winter, spring, and fall sessions.

The YMCA at the Heights is proud to announce that it is now a member of the United States Fencing Association and is identified as the YMCA at the Heights Fencing Club

Fencing is a mental and physical high-energy sport that combines the intrigue of swordplay with cardiovascular conditioning. An age-old art originally vital for self-defense, fencing is practiced today for its own sake. Students study footwork and blade technique and work to develop speed, timing, leverage, and precision. The result is a skill which is controlled, graceful and athletic. Participants should wear court shoes and loose-fitting clothes. Fencing equipment is provided.


Fun for all! 

Our youth and teen fencing programs are co-ed and are open to kids ages 8 and up! Adults are also welcome to join.


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Branches That Offer Fencing
YMCA at the Heights  


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