James Trempe


B.S., Biology, Morehead State Univ.: Ph.D., Biochemistry, Wright State University



Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Med.: Instructor, Delay the Disease (Parkinson's Disease)


Area of Specialty:

Senior Fitness, People with Parkinson's Disease and other physical challenges 



25 years, University of Toledo, College of Medicine Faculty member: 4 yrs, Personal Trainer/ Group Ex. Instructor 


Training Style/Philosophy:

My goal is to train and motivate clients to the level where they have developed a life-long commitment to their fitness.


My Passion for Fitness:

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2009. My commitment to vigorous exercise has delayed progression of my disease. 


My Proudest Moment with a Client:

When a client with Parkinson's told me that his experiences with me saved his life. 


Favorite Training Tool:

Strength training with dumbbells, but I like all forms of exercise! 

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