At the Y, we believe in freely offering the gift of hope to the people in our community who are experiencing or have experienced cancer.

LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA allows cancer survivors the opportunity to come to the Y to heal. We provide people facing cancer with a safe, loving and caring environment. Cancer knows no boundaries, but we believe in the strength of community and that every survivor deserves unconditional support, a chance to belong and an opportunity to feel “normal” as they regain their strength.


Program Overview

LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA is a free, 12-week program designed to meet the needs of adults with cancer before, during and after treatment. It is a proven, evidence and research based program that empowers cancer survivors to take an active role in their own health by engaging in a strength and conditioning program at their local Y. Focusing on health, rather than the disease, LIVESTRONG® at the Y helps cancer survivors move beyond illness to reclaim wellness in spirit, mind and body.


Program Details

  • Survivors meet for 90 minutes twice a week for 12 weeks to begin building a healthy lifestyle and learn to support one another.
  • All Instructors have national exercise certifications and specific training in cancer exercise through the National YMCA and the LIVESTRONG Foundation.
  • LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA instructors will develop a plan based on the needs of the participant that incorporates cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, balance, and flexibility.
  • Additional goals include reducing the severity of side effects, managing unwanted weight changes, and improving energy levels.
  • A final goal of the program is to assist participants in developing their own physical fitness program so they can continue to practice a healthy lifestyle.
  • The program is free and available to adults ages 18 and over. The cost of the program is underwritten by the YMCA and our generous donors. If you would like to support this program, please click here to donate.
  • Non-Y Members will be given a complimentary family membership during the 12 weeks. Family members or caregivers on the membership are encouraged to focus on their well-being through exercise or walking, etc., while the survivor attends class.



Medical studies have shown that moderate levels of appropriate physical activity can reduce fatigue, boost self-esteem and improve muscle strength and physical endurance in individuals following cancer treatment. Cancer survivors are increasingly aware of the positive impact that moderate physical activity, supportive relationships and stress reduction techniques can have on their quality of life. LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA has helped thousands of cancer survivors move beyond cancer in spirit, mind and body.


Coffman YMCA:

88 Remick Blvd. Springboro, OH 45066

Tel: 937-886-9622

Sessions Beginning: May 20th & September 9th

Downtown YMCA:

316 N. Wilkinson Street Dayton, OH 45402

Tel: 937-228-9622

Sessions Beginning: July 1st

Fairborn YMCA:

300 S. Central Ave. Fairborn, OH 45324

Tel: 937 754-9622

Sessions Beginning: April 9th

Kleptz YMCA:

1200 W. National Road. Englewood, OH 45315

Tel: 937-836-9622

Sessions Beginning: January 22nd, May 21st & September 17th

Preble County YMCA:

450 Washington-Jackson Road. Eaton, OH 45320

Tel: 937-472-2010

Sessions Beginning: June 3rd & September 2nd

South YMCA:

4545 Marshall Road. Kettering, OH 45429

Tel: 937-434-1964

Sessions Beginning: April 15th & September 23rd

West Carrollton YMCA:

900 S. Alex Road. West Carrollton, OH 45449

Tel: 937-866-9622

Sessions Beginning: September 16th

Xenia YMCA:

135 E. Church St. Xenia, OH 45385    

Tel: 937-376-9622

Sessions Beginning: May 6th & August 5th

YMCA at the Heights:

7251 Shull Rd. Huber Heights, OH 45424  

Tel: 937-236-9622

Sessions Beginning: March 4th, June 11th & September 17th 

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