Live better. Live stronger.

Strength classes aim to improve daily living skills through better balance, strength, flexibility and agility. These classes promote progressive resistance where your training load is increased as your muscles become stronger. Strength training is the only type of exercise that can maintain muscle and metabolism as we age.

Strength classes are FREE for Y members!

Strength Classes include:

Total Body Training

This non-aerobic class uses resistance equipment and body weight to challenge all major muscle groups to become stronger.

Boot Camp

This class mixes traditional callisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training.

Strength Train Together®

Strength Train Together® will blast all your muscles with a high-rep weight training workout. Using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, and body weight. Strength Train Together combines squats, lunges, presses, and curls with functional integrated exercises. Dynamic music and a motivating group atmosphere will get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and push you to a personal best! POWER UP!