Come on in, the water's fine!

Adults looking to challenge themselves without stress on their joints or members who just enjoy the water can take advantage of our different water exercise classes. You can gain muscle conditioning and cardiovascular endurance from the aerobic choreography and the resistance of the water. Ideal for all fitness levels & non-swimmers.

Water Exercise classes are FREE for Y members!

Water Aerobics 

A water exercise program consisting of aerobic routines, stretching & toning performed in the shallow water. You may use a variety of equipment to help improve cardio fitness & muscle tone.

Deep Water Aerobics

A water exercise program for those who enjoy the deep water. This class will provide a complete cardiovascular workout consisting of stretching, toning, and aerobic activity. Participants should feel comfortable in deep water. No swimming skills are needed. Aqua Jogger float belts are used to help stabilize buoyancy while taking stress away from joints.

SilverSneaker® Splash 

Utilizes the water to increase agility, range of motion and cardiovascular conditioning.  Develop strength, balance and coordination.

Aqua Zumba® 

All the dance fun of Zumba in the pool! The Aqua Zumba is the "pool party" workout for all ages. You'll perform effective and challenging water-based workouts with that Zumba fun and flair.

AOA Water Exercise

 Designed especially for adults with any form of muscle, bone, or joint discomfort. An instructor will lead the class through gentle exercise, which increases flexibility & endurance.