Empowering Women with Weights

Intimidated by the weight room? Are you afraid of lifting weights because you don't want to bulk up? This female-focused class will introduce you to the weight room and weight lifting-techniques that will help you meet your specific goals. This is a great training option to pair with a cardio workout. A Certified Personal Trainer will instruct you on proper form, technique, and a variety of lifts for each muscle group. This program will help you to be come more comfortable and confident training in the free weight area of the Wellness Center. Class sizes are limited. Classes and pricing vary by branch.

Below is a list of Branches that offer Women on Weights throughout the year. Click on the "Registration" button to sign up and register for any open Women on Weights sessions.

Branches that offer Women on Weights:
Fairborn YMCA Kleptz YMCA
Preble YMCA

South YMCA

YMCA at the Heights
Xenia YMCA  

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