Youth in Government is a civic engagement and leadership development program for students in grades 7-12, and you do NOT have to be a member of the YMCA to participate in YIG. 

Youth participate in both preconference training experiences, where they learn to research and write bills, and in the statewide conference, where they debate and vote on legislation, and find solutions for current issues in their communities.  All YIG activities are structured around the following goals:

• Providing leadership training and preparation to meet the needs of a democratic society.
• Stimulating interest and awareness of US and state government’s function.
• Creating opportunities for civic engagement and awareness of prominent social issues.
• Developing self-confidence and self-expression while fostering tolerance and understanding of others’ point of view.
• Cultivating the application of moral and ethical valuing processes to public policy making.

YIG participants meet twice a month to talk about current issues, plan out service/research activities, and prepare the bills they will present at the State Assembly in April.  State Assembly is the main conference that we attend, but a fall leadership retreat is an option for students wishing to participate.

For more information on our YIG program or to start a club in your area, contact Taylor Walker, our Youth and Teen Development Director at