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Taking Stock

20 March 2020
A woman grieving

By: Gretchen Adams, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for the YMCA of Greater Dayton

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis and the temporary closing of the community’s valued spaces, it is easy to feel without control, without your comforts, even with out key pieces of your identity. A global crisis at the very least will wreak havoc on your stress response. And to top it off, common spaces you may visit to release stress are not available to you at this time.

While you look to the days or weeks ahead, and the uncertainty they hold, the first step to reducing feelings of fear or anxiety, is to grieve. It is essential, for the health of mind and body to grieve the loss of daily life and how it has been disrupted over the past few days, hours, or even minutes in some cases.

What is important now, is to accept these disruptions as for the good of our community and to remain socially responsible by protecting ourselves and our neighbors, so that once restrictions are lifted, and our community in the Greater Dayton area begins to look more familiar we can feel proud that we cared for our neighbors with the utmost compassion.

Restrictions have not been placed on how we choose to manage our stress. If you find yourself turning to high-fat, high-sugar foods take a moment to reconsider.


  • Journal your thoughts during this global crisis.
  • Spend time connecting with friends from afar, via video chat or phone calls.
  • Create a bucket list of the many places you hope to visit once restrictions are lifted.
  • Reach out to those who are high risk in your community and help with groceries, or cleaning.
  • Focus on a balanced, whole food diet that nourishes your body and mind.
  • Stock up on frozen fruits/veggies, and freeze fresh fruits/veggies (more to come on properly doing so!)
  • Discover new recipes to enjoy followed by a movie night.
  • Follow along with YMCAs Lazy Man Triathlon from your home to raise your heart rate and stay active.
  • Spend at minimum, 20 minutes outside your home (if possible) for essential Vitamin D.
  • Take to home improvement tasks that often get pushed to the side.
  • Create exercise circuit in your backyard for kids and adults.
  • If possible, while practicing social distancing, spend time in nature, even your front porch!
  • Take control in the kitchen, challenge yourself with Strive For Five fruits and vegetables a day!
  • As a Y member, access our Virtual YMCA workouts with YMCA 360 that you can do from home!

And remember - you're not alone. 

We're in this together.