The most important muscle in the body is the heart. 

Yet, many people who workout seem to think they don't need to do cardio. Cardiovascular (or cardio) exercise has numerous health benefits. In addition to burning calories and lowering your body fat, it will strengthen your heart and lungs. Since heart disease is the leading cause of premature death for both men and women, cardiovascular fitness is a very important and should never be over looked.

Just begin your conditioning by picking an activity and work on exercising intensely enough to raise your heart rate and keep it elevated. And remember, the heart is the most important muscle in your body, so treat it that way. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

Cardio classes are FREE for Y members! 

Cardio Classes include:


A high-energy workout inspired by many types of dance moves including; Latin, salsa, hip-hop, and many more. Come join the party! Ages10 and up are welcome.

Zumba Toning®

This class combines body-sculpting techniques and specific Zumba moves into one unique calorie-burning, strength training class.

Cardio Boot Camp

An athletic-based cardio class designed to improve cardio endurance, strength, speed and agility. Core based exercises will be incorporated at the end of each class.

Boot Camp

An intense workout for members who want to be challenged and pushed. This class is great for cardio conditioning and developing core strength.

Hip Hop Cardio

This class uses a mixture of Latin, current, and hip hop dance and includes basic toning exercises. A great cardio workout that works on all of your fitness needs. For beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels.

Move and Groove Dance Aerobics

A dance-inspired program that blends jazz, modern dance, and aerobics to challenge your body. Class includes 15-20 minutes of toning exercises with weights and mat workouts.

TABATA Interval Training

This is a high intensity work out that only lasts 20 minutes.  Participants will exercise at their maximum intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. They will repeat this for 4-8 rounds.  Each class will consist of 3-6 of these TABATA intervals, and each interval will consist of different exercises.


This class offers a medium to high intensity cardio workout with intermediate step aerobics choreography. Perfect for anyone who wants a great cardio workout without having to worry too much about remembering complicated routines. All fitness levels are welcome.

Cardio Kickboxing

For all Fitness levels. Functional fitness in its highest form. This class combines punches and kicks along with cardio intervals. An ideal format for achieving an intense, fat-burning workout.

Line Dancing

How long has it been since you danced last? Our instructor will teach you the latest and greatest “old school” line dances.

Cardio Combo

This class uses a mixture of step, hi/lo, and strength training. This is interval training at its best. A great cardio workout that works on all of your fitness needs for all fitness levels.

Branches that offer Cardio Fitness Classes
Coffman Family YMCA South YMCA
Downtown YMCA West Carrollton YMCA
Fairborn YMCA Xenia YMCA
Kleptz YMCA

YMCA at the Heights

Preble County YMCA Y-NDC Trotwood
Grand Lake Health/Premiere Health - North YMCA Grand Lake Health/Premiere Health - South YMCA