Got game? Hit the hardwood with the folks who invented the game - the Y! 


Youth and Teen Leagues

The Y’s way for sports.

The philosophy of YMCA youth and teens sports programs is to use sports as a tool to develop each participant physically, mentally and spiritually. Emphasis is on teaching the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting and skill development in a fun, esteem-promoting atmosphere. Kids will have the opportunity to learn the basic volleyball fundamentals such as underhand serving, setting, hitting, and digging in a non-competitive environment.


No one tops our legacy.

Originally called mintonette, volleyball was created by the YMCA. The experimental game of mintonette combined a variation of the badminton net with elements of basketball, the German game of fistball and handball. The first volleyball game was played at Springfield College in 1896.


Fun for all!

Our youth volleyball program is a co-ed league and is open to kids as early as age 4 at some locations.


Adult Leagues

Ready, Set, Jump! 

A great team sport, volleyball is good exercise and lots of fun. We have Co-Ed Adult volleyball leagues that are an excellent way to build friendships, stay in shape and have fun. Registration is taken by team but interested individuals not on a team can speak with the League Director who can often find a team to join. Leagues form throughout the year. Click on the register now button for complete volleyball details, registration information and rates.

Adult Drop Volleyball or Adult Open Volleyball

Volleyball is a member benefit drop in activity. Members who come to play split up evenly into two teams that play against each other. Just show up and play! Indoor volleyball matches take place in the gym contact your local YMCA to find out on what day and time.


To register or find detailed league information: Click on the register now button for complete volleyball details, registration information and rates. 

Below is a list of Branches that offer this sport at some point during the year. Click on the "Registration" button to find current league information.

Branches That Offer Youth and Teen Volleyball:
Coffman YMCA Fairborn YMCA
Kleptz YMCA

Preble County YMCA

South YMCA West Carrollton YMCA
Xenia YMCA Y at the Heights YMCA



Branches That Offer Adult Volleyball:
Huber Heights Y Kleptz Y
Preble County Y South Y
West Carrollton Y Xenia Y

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