Jan White


BA- Ohio State University; MA- Xavier University 



ACE Personal Training; ACE Senior Fitness Specialist: Balance and Mobility Trainer; TRX, and Zumba. 


Area of Specialty:

Senior Fitness 



6 years 


Training Style/Philosophy:

My philosophy is client-centered. I meet the clients where they are by tailoring programs and workouts that are client specific.  

My Passion for Fitness:

My passion comes from my early years as a high school, college, and professional athlete and wanting to share a wellness attitude. 

My Proudest Moment with a Client:

I had a BMI obese client whose goal was to walk in a 5K race. After years of training and nutritional changes, her goal was reached. 


Favorite Training Tool:

My favorite exercise/training tool is whatever works for that client. Again I believe it is important to be client specific. 

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