New Management Agreement Provides Stability, Growth Opportunities

Dale Brunner, President & CEO of the YMCA of Greater Dayton
Dale Brunner, President & CEO of the YMCA of Greater Dayton

"Effective January 1, 2021, the Auglaize/Mercer YMCA (AMFY) will merge with the Greater Dayton YMCA. This new structure provides the North and South branch YMCAs with opportunities to serve the community and strengthen the long-term stability for both branches.

In 2018, the AMFY struggled to hire a new CEO, and costly maintenance repairs needed to be completed. A brief, but memorable encounter that year between YMCA personnel proved to be beneficial. Both AMFY Board President Christine Purdy and Vice-President Lesia Arnett met the Greater Dayton YMCA CEO Dale Brunner at a conference in Columbus.

During this meeting, Brunner learned that the YMCA was an integral part of the communities but that the long-term sustainability of each facility was at risk. The AMFY Board of Directors consulted the local founding fathers of the YMCA regarding a new direction with Dayton YMCA and with their blessing the board executed a management agreement.

The agreement brought one staff member from Dayton to the local AMFY to help with the daily operations. In addition, board members talked to local leaders to find out how AMFY can help the communities. With this information, the AMFY board collaborated to define its role within the communities and developed a strategic plan.

Over the last two years, the management agreement has proved successful. The AMFY brought back its Annual Campaign, which raises money to help local families in need. The Greater Dayton YMCA also helped AMFY to meet state regulations, streamline office functions, install new fitness equipment and install a new roof and HVAC units, as well as implement new practices such as free classes for members.

Though 2020 has been a difficult year, we are determined to continue taking the YMCA to the next level and provide value to our members and communities."  - Christine Purdy, Board President

"I would like to thank the Board of Directors and the community for welcoming in the YMCA of Greater Dayton. The board has done a tremendous job making sure that our mission and offerings are available for everyone to enjoy. The Dayton YMCA looks forward to working with the members, board and staff to provide a product the area will be proud to support. " - Dale Brunner