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Every Child Deserves A Chance To Play Baseball

23 July 2018

By: Becky Parr

Take a moment to imagine a scenario in which you have sustained a physical injury and must use crutches. You can no longer go on a run or head to the ball field to play catch with your children. That sounds gloomy, doesn’t it? For those living with physical disabilities, that is their life. Baseball diamonds aren’t exactly made for wheelchairs and crutches, until now!
Saturday afternoons at Miracle Field in Springboro, OH you will see plenty of smiles beaming in the sunshine as children enjoy playing baseball. Here everyone gets to bat and run bases, regardless of ability.

“The program is a dream come true for many parents of children with special needs; it gives them the opportunity to play ball when they never would have been able to otherwise. Just come to any game and you will witness tears of joy stream down parents’ faces while they watch their child swing a bat or run or wheel bases,” explains Adam Wilhelm, League Director.

•What is Miracle League and its mission?
The mission is about hope, determination, and a display of human spirit that is unequaled. It’s about building relationships, while enabling someone (who previously was unable) to play ball and to have fun! It’s about building self-esteem and being treated like everyone else.

•About the Field
Conventional baseball fields are designed with natural grasses and sand, which is a barrier for individuals with disabilities to be able to play. This field has an all-weather rubberized surface and is completely handicap accessible with no raised surfaces that would impede a child or adult using assistive devices, such as wheelchairs or crutches.

•How can I help?
Everyone can contribute! The league is always seeking volunteers and sponsorships. The Miracle league uses a volunteer “buddy system”, pairing each player with a typical peer, one-on-one, during each game to help bat, navigate bases, or just be a pal. You can also support the league financially or simply come to cheer them on! 

Miracle League is one of those experiences that can offer new excitement to life and encourage someone to pursue their dreams. Because in the Miracle League, every child deserves the chance to play baseball!

For more information, registration or to volunteer, contact Adam Wilhelm at Coffman YMCA at (937) 886-2844 or email or visit