Kathleen Riesenberg


Sinclair Comunity College: Associates- Applied Science



ACE / Group Instructor 1997- present, Personal Trainer, Move2Lose, TRX, Tabata, Cycling, Group Power, Group Core, LiveStrong, and Move2Live!


Area of Specialty:

Instructing Large and Small Groups 



27 years 


Training Style/Philosophy:

Making sure everyone, client/member is treated the same! Want everyone to feel welcome and that they belong. Doesn't matter what fitness level they are.


My Passion for Fitness:

I've always enjoyed movement! After I started teaching and realized I could help others, I was hooked. 

My Proudest Moment with a Client:

I have several, It is when clients/members realize they can do more than what they thought. They become proud of their accomplishments, their goals, and achievements. 


Favorite Training Tool:

I have too many! It all depends on that I am doing that day. I try and make all exercise fun! 

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