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Suspend Your Way to Better Fitness with TRX

6 August 2018

By: Becky Parr

By now, you have probably noticed the yellow and black straps hanging around the Dayton area YMCAs. These are TRX straps. So what is TRX and why is it so beneficial?

TRX stands for total body resistance exercise. Equipment consists of rubberized handles on a suspension trainer (the yellow and black straps) hooked up to a steel mount. According to the TRX website:

TRX uses 7 basic movement patterns: push, pull, plank, rotate, lunge, hinge, and squat.

What are the benefits of TRX?

1. TRX improves strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance

2. Provides a fast, efficient way to workout your entire body

3. Requires very little equipment and space. Just hook up your straps and you’re set!

Simple yet effective, TRX training allows you to perform body weight exercises that engage the core, using balance and stability. You can adjust your level of resistance by angling your body toward or away from the anchor point.

Dar Reid, Senior Health & Wellness Director at Coffman YMCA, first became interested in TRX after a back injury sought her to investigate alternative workouts. The straps allow you to decrease the intensity of exercise as you are healing. With TRX, “It allows you to work your body in a way that is very controlled. You can get a lot of strength and stability out of slowing down and controlling the movement”.

Don’t think TRX is just for rehabilitation though! Due to the unique setup, many small stabilizer muscles are working to keep you balanced, and it can be quite challenging! As someone who considers herself “in shape” my muscles were burning the first time I tried a class! In fact, the TRX system was created by a Navy SEAL as a way to maintain high intensity fitness while deployed out in a ship in the middle of the ocean.

Most classes are 45-50 minutes and are divided into three segments, focusing on upper body, lower body, and core. I’ve tried a few TRX classes by different instructors, and it is fun and challenging each time. To find TRX group fitness classes, visit the YMCA of Greater Dayton website and select “schedules” from the main menu. You can also find them on the YMCA of Greater Dayton app, which is my preferred way of finding classes. Currently, classes are offered at Trotwood, Xenia, South, Preble County, Kleptz, Huber Heights, Fairborn, Downtown, and Coffman YMCAs. Some YMCAs even have AOA TRX classes, such as Trotwood and South YMCAs.