Personal Training Options and Rates

Cutting Edge Personal Training!

Two NEW PT Options (Evolution) or (Extreme)

Do you want to finally reach your fitness goals, lose weight, tone, or get bigger? Are you new to working out or just need that extra push to get the that next level? Do you want to train with a small team or just one on one with a trainer? Whatever your need, we now have TWO different styles of Personal Training available to help you: EVOLUTION or EXTREME PT.

Evolution Personal Training

This personal training option is for those who are new to working out or just want to take a steady progressive approach towards reaching their fitness goals. Work one on one with a certified Personal Trainer to develop a program that will help you EVOLVE into the new you!

Extreme Personal Training

This option is for people who are looking for a push to reach the next level. With this level of Personal Training, you know what you want and you want to be challenged to get there. Work with a certified Personal Trainer to develop a program that focuses on HIIT principles, INSANE, and Intense workout programs.

What Personal Training can do for you:

  • Help you to develop personal and fitness goals
  • Give you motivation & encouragement
  • Get the results you want



Individual Session

# $
1 50
4 185
6 255
8 330
12 485
18 690
24 864


Group (2-3) Sessions

# $
1 75
4 276
6 396
8 520
12 700
18 1116
24 1440